Baahubali 2- Is a winner


It is for sure that the movie couldn’t had any other name better  than ” Baahubali” because  your adrenaline is sure to raise each time the name is called on. And when Prabhas presents the character in a grand demeanor  you just cant stop applauding. Each frame is a class and you might easily forgive that the primal question, to why Kattappa killed Baahubali,  had an unconvincing answer . For the first time I saw a Telugu movie been watched by people from across the country. The guy who was sitting next to me a was a Bengali.

Was surprised to see opening scene song sung by Daler Mehendi. M.M. Kreem make sure that the background music blends with the storyline. With his alchemic touch SS Rajamouli  perhaps will  now fall into the league of  Alejandro Inarrite or a James Cameron . It is difficult to convey the feelings or the experience into words but this will be a movie that will remain in the list of best movie ever made. If Baahubali: The Beginning was a sumptuous appetizer this will be a  main course with a scrumptious dessert.