TT’s Memes

This section is dedicated to my friend Twinkle Thankachan who has a real flair of playing with words. I┬áhave taken permission from him to copy his FB posting in my blog . From here on I will be posting some of my favorites TT’s memes.

About TT : He is good, but some times he is too good.

Jan 1 2016

Just because you are entering another year,don’t worry about an increase in your AGE,because you are entering a sweet 16. (2016)

Have a wonderful year

Dec 29 2015

SC upholds Kerala liquor ban…malaBAR region affected…trivandRUM too worried..

Dec 19 2015

Concentrate not on the MOBILE PHONE SIGNAL but on TRAFFIC SIGNAL while driving….

Remember that the seat belt is not for the seat but for the Driver..Wear it while driving

Nov 29 2015


Probably crores of money(currency) spent on drains in our cities are stopping the water…and flooding the roads,….this is what we call MONEY GONE DOWN THE DRAIN

Nov 28 2015

BBMP either should provide an ASSURANCE on COVERING up potholes or an INSURANCE COVER for accidents

Nov 22 2015

Dear BBMP,
some of them needn’t be BROAD
but atleast can be a ROAD….

i have seen that whenever it rains heavily,it’s not just the people on the road who are trying to find a way to go….even the rain water is struggling to find a way…

Today i understood the meaning of “so near yet so far” when i got stuck in the traffic signal right in front of my office for a long time while going to office…

Nov 16 2015

Good days—you will realise the existence of God
Bad days—will make you realise the existence of God

Nov 11 2015

Who said everything is FINE with traffic police..some of them take bribe too

Nov 6 2015

NDTV 24×7 :- panelists in a debate listen patiently and then talk like they have 24hrs

Times NOW :-same panelists talking simultaneously as if everybody has to talk NOW only

Nov 4 2015

I have written to all the food authorities in India,if they could help get rid of JAM on Bangalore roads,the traffic police have been unsuccessful..

When you help someone,you become their God…
Help others,they are your brothers.

why be a human when you can be a God

Nov 1 2015

Believe in yourself to start a work and then believe in God to finish it.

Oct 26 2015

Please remove all the humps on Bangalore roads,there are enough potholes…

Oct 19 2015

After elections,the people whom we vote for, become POWERFUL and we remain POWERLESS(more than 16hours now,power outage in certain parts of South Bangalore)

Sep 14 2015

It’s not a comedy of errors but a DJOCK of fed-ERRORS

June 4 2015

Maggi is the LEADing noodles brand…