A French Open without Federer


French Open is on in Paris but with a marked difference and that is Roger Federer , the world no 3, is missing in action at Roland Garros. Roger has played 65 majors consecutively which tells story that he has been rarely out of action. It was quite apparent from Roger’s FB post that it was indeed one of the toughest decision that he had to take in his whole career.  It has been big a deal for the Federer fans whose reaction has been hysterical on his backing out from the Slam . I cant envisage the reaction that will be evinced when Roger announces his retirement. But the game has to go on -even without him-  and  this year’s French Open will be a proof of that.


Its not that Federer has any chance to win this years French Open – when the opponents include the likes of clay court specialist Rafael Nadal and the other icon who is at his cruel best form  Novak Djokovich – but his sheer presence and watching him play is a delightful experience. He has the alchemic ability to make the tennis look so easy and pliable that this tough sport suddenly turns out to be anybody’s game. Entire world have always been on look out when Federer can reach the milestone of 18 Grand Slam title which now looks a tough one to accomplish. The game has been changing , more and more young players are now calling the shot by showing high level of physical fitness. Whether Federer can match up these levels is a tough question and hope this gap that he has taken is a preparation to make him mentally and physically fit for the forthcoming Slams.

Roger Federer had severel ups and downs in his career but he always had reinvented himself, recovered and rebounded with greater intensity. We have seen Federer beat the unbeatable Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and the new generation Nadal and Djokovich in several occasion. We have seen him play with a cool head and without any prolonged funks even when he was  40-0 down or 6-0 down in a set, he has always given his best for the crowds that cheer him around the world. With an overwhelming support, hopefully those immaculate and impeccable drives and rally’s will be back and Federer will have a go for the title at the 2016  Wimbledon and probably the US open too.


Vishal Sikka says bye to SAP

Vishal Sikka has resigned from SAP. It was a quite a shock to so many of us who has been following him in the SAP world. The below slide  in the SCN Business Trend blog says it all that how valuable an asset he was to SAP and to the SCN world. Whatever he Vishal has touched , he has turned it into gold.


I first saw Vishal @ SAP Teched 2011 where he demonstrated the power of SAP HANA . His voice and his command over the technology was awesome. I got to hear him again in the last year Teched where again he unleased new technologies. You want to keep listening when some people talk and Vishal is one of them . He presents his idea through stories and pictures.

What do SAP do now ? Do they go on with aggressive HANA or they concentrate on Apps ? Would like to see what change SAP is going to bring. More than that will keep a close watch on what’s Vishal future endeavor is.

@ Vishal – Hats off to you sir and all good wishes for your future.

The Newspaper Boy

The Newspaper boy

To get held up in traffic signal is a tiring thing and it is even more tiring when it in the peak hours of  Bangalore traffice. It was a Friday evening and traffic was bit more than the usual once .   I was held up at the corporation circle traffic signal and was queuing some 300 meters away from the signal. I could hear from the adjacent car Radio warning of slow moving traffic in this area. As usual there were lots of frustrated faces of travelers, newspaper boys hurling around, begging street urchins, hawkers trying to sell different things. But one of the newspaper boy caught my attention. This boy had one single newspaper in his hand was moving to and fro in between the vehicles selling the paper. It seems he had finished selling all the rest of the papers and was now left with a single one. During my wait this fellow moved nearly 4 to 5 times to and fro trying to sell this ultimate paper but without finding any success.  And noticable thing was that during all this time there was no sign of any frustration or any kind of drowsiness in his face. He was freely roaming from one vehicle to another crying out the headline in kannada.

 This made me to think a little bit of my job. There are many occasions when I was about to finish my job and out of lax I will postpone the remaining job to the next day.  But this guy cannot afford to do it as the life of that newspaper is a single day. Tomorrow it will be an old paper and will not carry the same value. May be the profit from the single paper is negligible  but he needs to count on it to maintain his bottom line.

 It was now 20 mins past and I was nearing to the signal lights. When it was green at last I looked back for this boy and  still the he was cyring out to sell his last paper.Then suddenly it just came into my thoughts I could have spelled a penny from my pocket and could have bought that paper. But I never once occurred to me to do so and bring an end to his day’s job. This boy or may be many others do these kind of efforts day in day out. We complain when we have to give an extra effort. But they have that tireless commitment and never have ‘enough for the day ‘attitude.   May be who knows these kids become successful entrepreneur in the future and have people like me working under them. Neways thumbs up to these guys and their efforts. This incident showed what commitment is and what effort really means.