The Case for Christ : A God Time movie


I was searching for Courtroom based movies and that’s when I came across this movie      ” The Case for Christ“. The story revolves around Lee Strobel  , an arrogant journalist and a staunch atheist and his wife who also shares his same perspective. One day when they were having a dinner in a restaurant  their daughter nearly gets choked to death. She gets saved by a nurse who was incidentally present in the same restaurant. The nurse, tells the couple that she had a sense that she needed to have dinner at that restaurant that night. It wasn’t luck or coincidence she was there, but Jesus’ plan so that their daughter is rescued.  Although Lee laughs it off, his wife starts believing in God and starts attending  church. This irritates Lee and what follows after is Lee’s attempts to prove his wife wrong.

Lee seriously starts investigating to prove that the resurrection of Jesus Christ never happened.But the facts that Lee Strobel uncovers lead him toward an outcome altogether different than the one he expected to reach.

This movie made me remember a classic movie in malayalam , Paithrakam (meaning Heredity) , which had a similar story line. The movie was much more intense and was based on clash of ideologies between a father and his son. The character of father (Devadathan Chemmathiripadu) was donned by Narendra Prasad and the son (Somadattan) was played by Suresh Gopi.  Devadathan was a priest but his son Somadattan was an atheist.  A glimpse of the climax   probably will give you a flavor of the intensity in the movie.

As the village was suffering from heavy drought, the villagers request Devadathan to perform a yaga called  Athirathram to please Lord Indra to get rain . Somadathan ridicules his father  and says that yaga is nonsense and challenges his father that if it doesn’t rain after the yaga is he ready to become a atheist. Devadathan accepts the challenge. In a fascinating climax as the ceremony goes along across twelve days; there is no sign of rain and the atheists continue to protest. But on the final day the clouds gathers from nowhere and it rains incessantly . Somadathan is stunned and he accepts defeat. Devadathan lost in the intensity of his prayers, meditates and sacrifices his life. The movie ends showing Somadathan as the new priest and continuing the Vedic traditions for which his father gave up his life.  I would recommend to watch this movie


I heard some one saying that even not believing in god is also a kind of belief, a faith. It need not be facts always , sometimes feelings can also be a fact.



Thank You Sridevi…


What makes Sridevi to stand out from the other actresses was her matchless comedy , probably one thing that you really miss with the current Bollywood actresses. The current Bollywood actresses may be rich with exuberance, acting , dancing but no one currently has the ability to make you smile, let alone giggle. When Sridevi moved out of movies she had a already a left a vacuum and now that shes no more that vacuum will remain as it was.

Growing up in the 90s meant there was no escaping the charm of Sridevi May be the place were I was born also played an important. I belong to the northern part of Kerala where the Regional Malayalam Doordarshan was out of reach and we had to get satisfied with Hindi broadcast. That meant we got numerous opportunity to watch Sridevi’s on the tv screen. Some of the movies that stand out for me is Mr. India, Chaalbaaz, Laadla , Sadma & English Vinglish.

Mr. India was indeed an Anil Kapoor movie but what added to the spice to the movie was Sridevi’s ” Hawa Hawayi” and her inimitable comic timings. The song with the kids and her fighting for the ball is the best comic song I have seen and I can still sing that song line by line.  Chaalbaaz was equally hilarious with Sridevi playing the double role. And when you thought that Sridevi was too humorous, movie Laadla showed how serious she could became. With her signature dialogue, “Understand? You better understand,” Sridevi was her fiery best against Anil Kapoor . Sadma was a class  and the role that she played  as a  woman with amnesia was both endearing and heartwarming. Her child-like  innocence and bright, shiny eyes in the movie was unforgettable. English Vinglish perhaps require no detailing.

Sridevi’s comedy was not slapstick but was using her tiny mannerisms like an eyeroll, a contorted face, or a high-pitched giggle. She had the eerie knack to produce laughs from nowhere.  She was  undisputably the Bollywood’s first heroine-comedienne. Thank you for the laughs Sridevi. Your movies still makes me giggle.