Lucknow Central : A musical prison break


The only reason I chose to watch this movie was for the soothing and soulful song of Amit Mishra “Meer-e- Karwaan”. The song was running  in a loop in my laptop for almost a week. Lucknow Central has its flaws but when the movie keeps you engaged with its music, rib tickling comedy and punch dialogues you hardly notice those flaws. Farhan Akthar carries the movie on his shoulders along with his other jail inmate gives a superb performance. Ravi Kissan with ludicrous acting  and Ronit Roy as the strict Jailor adds spice to the movie.

Overall this is a must watch and laughs are guaranteed.

PS (Taken from DNA) : The movie is based on true story of a band formed by the inmates of Lucknow Central jail. The band named ‘Healing Hearts’ was formed in the Adarsh Jail wing of Lucknow Central jail. Consisting of 12 men who are sentenced to life imprisonment, the band plays hit Bollywood numbers at various private functions including weddings and baraats. The band was the brainchild of VK Jain, the senior superintendent of Lucknow Central Jail, as a part of qaidi reforms in 2007. Just like the film, a contest was held in the jail for which funds were released.With the arrangement of fifteen instruments, few volunteers came forward for the initiative. An inmate who hailed from a musically inclined family provided leadership due to which the band won the contest. The win further opened doors to opportunities for the band to perform at private parties.



You will be missed…


B Panduranga Bhakth ( 24/12/1940 – 11/09/2017)

This is the first time I am trying to write an eulogy. B Panduranga Bhaktha(Age 77)  , my beloved Manthu, a person whom I respected the most, who was always  there in my good time and tough times, who had a solution for any issues that I came up with, left for the heavenly abode on 11/09/2017. It was a sad day.

During my recent visit to kanhangad there was this precious moment,  when he blessed my 6 month old son by keeping him in his lap. A moment I will cherish throughout my life. The wisdom and the clarity that he had in the religious matters was enormous.His absence leaves a void that can never be filled.May his divine soul rest in peace.