Angamaly Diaries – A movie with a mettle


Disclaimer : Don’t watch this movie on empty stomach and if you are strictly a vegetarian I recommend you to definitely avoid this movie. Just Kidding…

If “Salt & Pepper” had some mouth watering scenes, this would be a treat for those pork and beef lovers because such is the way some delicacies are shown in the movie.Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Angamaly Diaries takes a risk by showcasing 86 new faces and trust me, none of them will disappoint you. There are some characters that you will definitely take home especially characters like Pepe, Police officer Shahul Hameed, U Clamp Raju, Pork Varkey, 10 ml Thomas, Lichi (you wish you could see more of her) , Bheeman , Maramkothi. Antony Varghese who plays the protagonist Pepe is a good find. He eases into the character comfortably  with remarkable good looks.

Worth mentioning that the writer of this movie is none other than the talented Chemban Vinod Jose .With a superb blend of action , you’re-watching-life-as-it-happens narrative, colloquial slang, foodie metaphors, Prashant Pillai’s musical ballads , comic overtone,highly convincing performance , Angamaly Diaries will be perhaps is one of the best movies so far in 2017. It has already set certain yardsticks and gives an assurance that malayalam movie is in safe hands.




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