A Man Called Ove – Book Review


If you have got bored up reading the usual  detective fiction or the mythological ones , which are by the way the new trends,  you will find this book delightful, quirky and amazingly refreshing. Originally published in the year 2012 by Fredrick Backman, the books is about a gritty and a grouchy neighborhood old man called Ove. Ove lives a lonely life confined to his staunch principles and strict routine . He doesn’t like to be disturbed and gets easily irritated when somebody breaks the rules.  He complains about every noise that others made, shouts at children for playing in the garden and turns the air blue if the pet dog barks.  This very stubbornness of this character is the source of the humour  and all said and done you will certainly fall in love with this grumpy Ove.

Behind this serious life of Ove there is a sentimental and a romantic life secretly buried in. His career life and his life with his wife Sonje is an interesting part of the book to read. Ove’s life goes for a change over when a boisterous family moves in his locality . A pregnant lady , Parvaneh, moves with her husband (Ove finds him idiotic ) and two chatty children in the neighborhood of Ove and suddenly Ove  was made to engage with the world again. There are some funny moments such as Ove trying to teach driving to Parvaneh. Seeing that Parvaneh is getting tensed while driving Ove shouts at her saying“You survived struggle in Iran, moving here and learning a new language, and being married to that idiot, driving a car should be no problem!”. My personal favorite was the rivalry between Ove and his friend on the car they owned, a rivalry that even costed Ove the friendship. Ove owned  a Saab while his friend owned a Volvo. Ove hated Volvo. So each time his friend upgraded his Volvo, Ove upgraded to the next Saab. And the twist in the story is that , eventually  Volvo took over Saab and you can sense what might have gone through Ove.

At the end of the Book there is a questionnaire to check How much Ove you are in your life. I would certainly recommend you to read this one.

Book : A Man Called Ove
Original Title: En man som heter Ove
ISBN: 1476738017 (ISBN13: 9781476738017)
Edition Language : English                                                                                                                             Author : Fredrik Backman                                                                                                                             Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Pages : 377

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