Dear Zindagi – Alia lives upto it


 Alia Bhatt’s name comes first  in the opening credits of the movie and as you leave the theater you will agree that Alia deserves that honour. After a long time I saw a movie which had a female as the protagonist. If it was Sridevi who delivered a knockout punch in English Vinglish ,in the first flick of Gauri Shinde, this time Alia Bhatt crafts a delightful performance. With her cute and energetic appearance you simply cannot take eyes off her. You will easily forgive the subtle plot and even the number of boy friends Kaira ,the character played by Alia, had in the movie. Perhaps the movie has only one actor , Alia Bhatt, and you should see the movie exactly for that reason.

And if you by chance had  got irritated by Shahrukh‘s camoe role in Ae Dil He Mushkil, you would certainly applaud for his role in this movie.  Shahrukh with his tender humour, tough looks and restrained acting, plays his role of a mental therapist with a  conviction. The scenes when both of them are together is a treat to watch especially the Kursi and the mountain climbing theory . Alia also allows humourous jibe to pass on her ( Cycle ko Recycle)  and plays the satirical scenes with perfection.

Couple of best liners from the movie

Genius is not who has answers for all the question, but Genius is someone who has the patience to find the answers for all the question “.

If the fear or weakness is going to become a habit, its time to have a look on it

It is sarcastic that Rajeev Masand / newspaper  gave 2/5 for this movie while they  gave 3.5/5 for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which hardly had anything to offer other than  Arijit’s melodious songs.

Dear Zindagi go for it.

Movie Review : Dear Zindagi

Directed by : Gauri Shinde