Road Repair – Inconvenience is Not Regretted

Imagine a patient is undergoing a surgery and on successful completion of the operation doctor tells him “well the surgery was successful, but find somebody to stitch your cuts, its not my job”.  This is exactly what is happening to our roads in the city. Authorities whether they are from water , electricity, telephone , broadband or mobile companies, all are merrily digging up the roads for their respective repair works and vanish without restoring back the road . Not that we don’t have enough pot holes, these digging  leaves tributaries on the road adding further to the traffic snarls .Below is the picture of one such excavation done at the exit gate of my office by some authorities. Its been more than a week and no civic authority has patched up the road.


Also there is another corollary to this , the moment a new road is laid or patched up the very next day you can find people digging up the road. May be people get some peculiar happiness or Nirvana while doing these digging which they don’t get while laying up the road. We are very very far from becoming a smart city. Nevertheless these inconveniences remain as parts and parcel of our life and  we are also happy to live with it.


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