Rumble in the Hinterland

This year Kerala has been hogging in making headlines,  all for wrong reasons. To start with it was the horrifying Puttingal Fire tragedy which claimed lives of hundreds and then followed by  the hideous killing of an young girl. This month Kerala had to appear on the front page, again for an unpropitious reasons. 12 people are surprisingly found missing and are feared to be radicalized by ISIS.  The most intriguing part, even the families or the near ones are oblivious to this fleeing. It seems these missing ones have covertly prepared and organised the fleeing and once they have reached their so called destination they have informed their family about it.


The above photo caught my attention when I was scurrying through the newspaper. Railway station of  Chervattur (  background photo) is hardly 20 kms from my native. The first local train to Mangalore leaves from this station and therefore ‘Chervattur Local’ is a  commonly used word here. So when I saw this photo  in the Chennai addition of Times I was bemused. We had heard about IS trying to recruit from India but when you see that they have reached your neighborhood is a shocking discovery. Good news is that this has not paved way for any kind communalism  in this area.

Back in my college days, I shared my room with guys from different religion. No one ever had any issues with anyone on religious subject. We celebrated Christmas, Onam , Id alike and never had any issues sharing our things. The only religion followed at that time was friendship. I don’t know how radicalization can suddenly change the fundamental thinking of people. And  it becomes so incisive that it starts harming the society. When we do not have power to give lives then we definitely have no rights to take it also.Hope this missing case is just an aberration and that it doesn’t cause any damage to the society. Live and Let live be the only norm.