A French Open without Federer


French Open is on in Paris but with a marked difference and that is Roger Federer , the world no 3, is missing in action at Roland Garros. Roger has played 65 majors consecutively which tells story that he has been rarely out of action. It was quite apparent from Roger’s FB post that it was indeed one of the toughest decision that he had to take in his whole career.  It has been big a deal for the Federer fans whose reaction has been hysterical on his backing out from the Slam . I cant envisage the reaction that will be evinced when Roger announces his retirement. But the game has to go on -even without him-  and  this year’s French Open will be a proof of that.


Its not that Federer has any chance to win this years French Open – when the opponents include the likes of clay court specialist Rafael Nadal and the other icon who is at his cruel best form  Novak Djokovich – but his sheer presence and watching him play is a delightful experience. He has the alchemic ability to make the tennis look so easy and pliable that this tough sport suddenly turns out to be anybody’s game. Entire world have always been on look out when Federer can reach the milestone of 18 Grand Slam title which now looks a tough one to accomplish. The game has been changing , more and more young players are now calling the shot by showing high level of physical fitness. Whether Federer can match up these levels is a tough question and hope this gap that he has taken is a preparation to make him mentally and physically fit for the forthcoming Slams.

Roger Federer had severel ups and downs in his career but he always had reinvented himself, recovered and rebounded with greater intensity. We have seen Federer beat the unbeatable Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and the new generation Nadal and Djokovich in several occasion. We have seen him play with a cool head and without any prolonged funks even when he was  40-0 down or 6-0 down in a set, he has always given his best for the crowds that cheer him around the world. With an overwhelming support, hopefully those immaculate and impeccable drives and rally’s will be back and Federer will have a go for the title at the 2016  Wimbledon and probably the US open too.


Hall of Shame…

A recent Malayalam movie ” Action Hero Biju” attempted to show how a local police station can bring difference to the society. The sub Inspector in this movie is an ordinary young man who is passionate about his mundane job . He listens to the grievances of people patiently and provides solutions to them if they are within his ambit. The movie extrapolates a message on how a local police station can do a better job given their limited powers. A similar message was also rendered by Meghna Gulzar’s “Talvar”. The movie clearly shows how the local police botched up the case. Had  the police had done the fundamentals correct, perhaps the outcome of the judgement on the case would have been different.


We have two cases which enters the Hall of Shame. One is the Nirbhaya like rape and murder of Jisha in Kerala and another death of Aditya allegedly gunned down by a spoilt brat in Bihar. What adds up to disgrace is that there has been no substantial efforts to punish the guilty . Jisha’s case still remains unsolved and the real culprit is still on loose. Police had it got all wrong and the reason being their delayed and mediocre response to the case. Initially there was  a noticeable response from the politicians and people  which had brought the police under huge pressure, but now the election fever has taken the pressure out of them. It was sarcastic to see Keralites getting hurt and reactive  on PM’s Somalia remark but not when this horrific incident took place.

On Aditya’s killing, it was the media’s and public incense that got Rocky Yadav caught and  arrested. The accused who had shot down Adiya Sachdev, 19 years old,  for the naive reason that the Aditya’s car overtook his  expensive Land Rover. Bindi Yadav, father of the accused , is a well known thug and having power make these brats  think that have license to bully or belittle anyone. It was disheartening to see Aditya’s parents showing the blood stained clothes of their son on television when should have been already collected by the police as one of the prime evidence.  Even though there is an overwhelming evidence against the accused in this case , given the history of police mishandling most of the open and shut cases,  whether the accused gets convicted remains a serious question.

Not So Orange…

The interview with cricketer David Warner was published yesterday  on The Times of India in the editorial section. The heading of the article  went like this ” I’m eating the same breakfast as Virat Kohli… ” and was referring to ongoing IPL and the less known dual between Warner and Virat Kohli for the orange cap.It is  a kind of pity to find an irrelevant and frivolous article getting a space in the prime spot of the newspaper.Editorial sections are supposed to reflect the opinion of the senior editors on topical issues, but this article din’t had an ounce of profundity in it.


For a cricket fan  like me ,I would have read this  article no matter in which page it had appeared. If the intention of this piece was to revive viewership of IPL matches, which is currently at an all time low, then it has hardly done anything to improve it rather, it might have caused to diminish it further. Newspaper should retrospect and should restrict themselves in publishing such vacuous article and provide a more responsible and sensible article on the much read editorial section.