Book Review: ‘The Crows of Agra’ by Sharath Komarraju

Title:  ‘The Crows of Agra – A Birbal Mystery’
Author: Sharath Komarraju
Publisher: Amazing Reads
Genre: Fiction (Murder Story)
Published on : October 20 2015
Pages : 284

Book Review :
“How many crows do you suppose are there in Agra?” Akbar asks Birbal. Birbal gives a humble reply ” As many grains of rice as there are in cartload “. Upon asking to be more specific , Birbal retorts “ How fortunate that I had very recently counted all the crows in the city, Your Highness! The number is thirty thousand five hundred and eighty four”.  Its interesting how Birbal provide the proofs to substantiate this number with  his intellect placating Akbar.

crows of agra

‘The crows of Agra’ by Sharath Komarraju uses again a fine blend of  history and fiction . Akbar and Birbal stories was a part of our childhood days and Sharath Komarraju exploits this to his benefit. If you have watched movie Jodha Akbar , you can connect to the characters brought up in this book, except that Jodha does not have any part to play in this book. Bairam Khan who led Akbar to many victories in battles to regain Mughal throne ,gets murdered in his harem. Akbar gives the responsibility of finding the murderer to Mahesh Das ( who later comes to be known as Birbal) unravels the mystery behind the murder.

‘The crows of Agra’  keeps you engrossed and belongs to unputdownable category. Although the writer provides a note in the beginning of the book that history and fiction has been coalesced,  its not easy to distinguish which part of the book is the actual history and which one is fictitious. So you can read it just as a fiction and not to expand your knowledge on Mughal history.

MY RATING: 3/5. ( Definitely a good read)





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