Book Review : ‘The Peshwa : The Lion and the Stallion ‘ by Ram Sivasankaran

Title: The Peshwa: The Lion and the Stallion
Author: Ram Sivasankaran
Publisher: Westland
Genre: Fiction
ISBN : 9385724215
Published on : 05/01/2016
Pages : 356


Ram Sivasankaran’s  book, ‘The Peshwa: The lion and the Stallion’, narrates the story of the great Maratha warrior Bajirao Bhat. With a nice blend of fiction and history, Ram gives an absolute thriller to read. Its a coincidence that the movie Bajirao Mastani also got released in the same year the book got published , but the book offers more in content on the valour and the courage articulated by the great Maratha Peshwa. The book focuses on the what Peshwa’s life is all about and his loyalty to the Maratha Confedaracy.

I definitely recommend this book which will cognise us with one of greatest legend of Indian history.

By Gajesh



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