For the Sake of Debate…

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Its barely two weeks that the massive firework scorched more than 100 lives in the temple tragedy in Puttingal, Kerala. The tragedy which  was mourned by entire India and also by the outside fraternity, now struggles to find an identity  in the  visual media or in the print media.  The nationwide debate on this incident had a life of only 48 hours.This is just an example of insolent behavior of our media . We have debated on farmer’s suicide , Chennai flood, Nirbhaya, drought, but irony is that all these debates have only a one-night stand. These debates are mere stage plays and everything discussed remains within the “fixed” proscenium arch of the TV screen.

Today’s media is quite strong and impulsive . They have cutting edge technology  to concoct any kind of news and  get the public attention.They hop from one news to another as if the previous have never taken place. Its been 6 months that the Chennai Flood has taken place. No media has focused on what caused it and investigated on what was the preventive measure that the government has taken so that the deluge doesn’t repeat again. Has the flood affected compensated or has the housing facilities been provided to the needy is still unknown.Its trivial whether Kohinoor will return to India or passport of some baron is revoked or not, but our media features its news focusing only on TRP rating . The 9 pm national debate on the TV remains a schizophrenic, gibberish gimmick or some times an exasperating  one man show.

Public memory is short lived. This theory  is getting exploited by all politicians and related factions. Media can play a major role in defying this theory. Media should take the responsibility of closing the loop by bringing the erroneous individual or authorities in front of law.The buried and dreadful stories should be pulled into lime light in regular intervals and should be deliberated and debated. This will make sure that the incidents remains substantive in the public space and thereby building pressure and forcing the authorities to take necessary actions. This will make citizens and authorities to  respect media and will make the debates meaningful and purposeful.


The Blind side…

I live in Velachery, one of the fastest growing commercial and residential hub of South Chennai. The main road which links to OMR (Old Mahabalipuram ) is under repair for almost many years now. The poor homeless families have happily grounded their tents on the repair section of the road. Vehicles do not ply on this repair section making a safe abode for these ill fated ones. They cook ,sleep on the open road , pack their treasured belongings during day time and reopen it again after their day job.

Last week on national level the debate was whether Indian economy was one eyed King among the blind. As the hindi lines goes “Andhon mein kaana raaja”. But  I would say we are not even there. The basic needs of “Roti Kapda aur makaan” is still a quixotic dream to these necessitous and many others . The country is still under the mercy of the corrupt bureaucracy and politicians. We are still running reservation not based on merit but on castes and we continue to have uprise in favour for more reservations. Income tax is still skewed limiting it to corporates and salaried professionals.

We are now at brink of a drought which can be only be solved by water and not by any growth figures. We are definitely growing progressively but at very snail pace. Its not the government alone to be blamed but we citizen also curtail the growth. We sometimes forget the national interest and support the individualistic, cast and religion based agendas. We still have a long way to go before we proclaim ourselves a prospering economy.

Book Review: ‘The Crows of Agra’ by Sharath Komarraju

Title:  ‘The Crows of Agra – A Birbal Mystery’
Author: Sharath Komarraju
Publisher: Amazing Reads
Genre: Fiction (Murder Story)
Published on : October 20 2015
Pages : 284

Book Review :
“How many crows do you suppose are there in Agra?” Akbar asks Birbal. Birbal gives a humble reply ” As many grains of rice as there are in cartload “. Upon asking to be more specific , Birbal retorts “ How fortunate that I had very recently counted all the crows in the city, Your Highness! The number is thirty thousand five hundred and eighty four”.  Its interesting how Birbal provide the proofs to substantiate this number with  his intellect placating Akbar.

crows of agra

‘The crows of Agra’ by Sharath Komarraju uses again a fine blend of  history and fiction . Akbar and Birbal stories was a part of our childhood days and Sharath Komarraju exploits this to his benefit. If you have watched movie Jodha Akbar , you can connect to the characters brought up in this book, except that Jodha does not have any part to play in this book. Bairam Khan who led Akbar to many victories in battles to regain Mughal throne ,gets murdered in his harem. Akbar gives the responsibility of finding the murderer to Mahesh Das ( who later comes to be known as Birbal) unravels the mystery behind the murder.

‘The crows of Agra’  keeps you engrossed and belongs to unputdownable category. Although the writer provides a note in the beginning of the book that history and fiction has been coalesced,  its not easy to distinguish which part of the book is the actual history and which one is fictitious. So you can read it just as a fiction and not to expand your knowledge on Mughal history.

MY RATING: 3/5. ( Definitely a good read)




Book Review : ‘The Peshwa : The Lion and the Stallion ‘ by Ram Sivasankaran

Title: The Peshwa: The Lion and the Stallion
Author: Ram Sivasankaran
Publisher: Westland
Genre: Fiction
ISBN : 9385724215
Published on : 05/01/2016
Pages : 356


Ram Sivasankaran’s  book, ‘The Peshwa: The lion and the Stallion’, narrates the story of the great Maratha warrior Bajirao Bhat. With a nice blend of fiction and history, Ram gives an absolute thriller to read. Its a coincidence that the movie Bajirao Mastani also got released in the same year the book got published , but the book offers more in content on the valour and the courage articulated by the great Maratha Peshwa. The book focuses on the what Peshwa’s life is all about and his loyalty to the Maratha Confedaracy.

I definitely recommend this book which will cognise us with one of greatest legend of Indian history.

By Gajesh


Jacobinte Swargarajyam Movie Review

Jacobinte Swargarajyam- A movie with a heart

Jacobinte Swargarajyam movie review : A well directed true story. Business and trust should always go hand in hand and when it doesn’t , how it affects a family is what is shown in this movie.  Vineeth Srinivasan has brought this true story into limelight using some of the brilliant talents. Renji Panicker, who does the role of  Jacob the business man , shoulders the first half of the movie while  Nivin Pauly ( Elder son of Jacob ) does the second half. Lekshmi Ramakrishnan who plays the role of the Jacob’s wife has a powerful presence in the movie . Sreenath Bhasi (second son ) does his role very beautifully , so does Sai Kumar and  car driver T.G Ravi.

A special mention on the villain of the movie. It was supposed to be done by director Gautham Menon and because of the Chennai rain he couldn’t do it . It was then doned by tamil mimcry actor Ashwin Kumar. He is the guy to watch out for as he definitely makes a good impact in this movie. His Mimicry piece from youtube Ashwin Kumar mimicry. Vineeth himself does a cameo role and so does Aju Varghese.

Movie has some nice humour , songs and some touching scenes especially the father and the son emotional scenes.Its a feel good movie and so don’t miss it.


Lizy.. You Got it Right


Dr. Lizy Abraham, my engineering college mate, recently published her first book in malayalam “ Campus Game“. It was a proud feeling when I was holding the book in my hand , that one among us has done some thing like a publishing a book. Lizy, a mother of two lovely kids and a professor at an engineering college, achieved this milestone with a perfect and well scripted story

About the book:

The book was a great read. I finished it up at one sitting. It gave me a feel of watching a movie. The story was excellent and it took me back my college days. I always have read campus love stories told by male authors. Lizy gives a female perspective to it but giving equal importance to both the lead characters in the story

I definitely recommend this book to all those who wants to peek into their college days once again.

Dear Lizy, I hope this is just a beginning and you will keep writing. Looking forward for your next book.