Kruger National Park — A Rendezvous with the Wild

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Kruger Experience



Airlift : Sure to Lift your Spirit


By this time a lot many reviews has already been written on this movie and why not, the movie directed by  Raja Krishna Menon has a true soulfulness. You may not have heard this evacuation story in any magazine or in media. For that director has to be credited to bringing in back this buried story into the public frame. Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur, Purab Kohli, Lena ( Malayalam Actress) has been pretty good in their fictitious characters.

An evacuation of this large numbers has never taken place in World History . In this chronicle event more than 1.5 Lakh Indians were evacuated from war hit Kuwait. Air India holds the Guinness Book of World Records for doing this evacuation by flying 488 flights in a span of 59 days.There are lot many unsung heroes behind this great endeavor and some of them are shown in the closing credit roll of the movie. This FB post might interest you.FB Post of Grand Daughter of Real Hero

The movie may not be as thrilling as Ben Affleck ‘ARGO’ and may lack intensity and suspense but it clearly translates the turmoil that people undergo during a war. Movie has some punch packed dialogues and will surely bring back patriotism in you.

Vaise Dilli ko bhi kya kosnaa?
Yaha bahut se hain jinki ginti me 10 din pahle dilli nahi thi
Kuwaiti Samjhane lage the apne aap ko

Hamari Koi Aukat Nahi Hain, Agar Hamari pehchan hain to sirf ek Ki Ham kuwaiti nahi hindustaani hain. Sath Hain to Kuch Hain Varna Nothing!

Certainly you don’t want to miss this movie…

The Good , the Bad and the Tough


Any organisation go through good times and some times bad or insecure times. Employees also react to these times in different ways. Based on what I have experienced in my career life, I have attempted to group the behavior of the employees in different categories.

Good , Bad & Tough Time Guys — These set of folks will be there during both the good times and bad times of the organization. Having experienced the good times, these adapt and endure during the bad times by supporting any cost cutting measures or policy changes made by the organisation. Some of them raise up in the ladder and end up in getting Tough jobs (CFO, CEO, COO etc ) at the top management level.

Good & Bad Time Guys — These set of people do enjoy the good times but either become a victim or decide to part with the organisation during the insecure times. A few of them even join back the previous organisation when it is again in the path of good times.

Bad Time Guys —Whether the organisation is doing good or bad these set of people always remain discontented. They neither leave the organisation nor do anything motivating.

Good Time Guys — These are the fortunate ones who only see the good times. They also leave the organisation in the good times and join a new one which is also in the prospering path.

Tough Time Guys — These are the exceptional ones. They even leave the organisation to join the ones which are going through the tough times. They own up the responsibility and pump fresh ideas to rejuvenate the organisation. They enjoy maneuvering the organisation back to the path of glory.

Let me know if I am missing any other categories. You can just think of in which category do you fit in.

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Bhishma — The Illustrious man of Mahabharata


Bhishma, born as Devavrata, was the eighth son of Ganga and King Shantanu and was the legal heir to the throne of Kuru dynasty. Ganga left Shantanu after the birth of Devavrata. King Shantanu eventually fell in love with a fisher woman named Satyavathi and wished to marry her. When King Shantanu approached Satyavathi’s father for her hand , he denied claiming that when Devavrata takes the throne Satyavathi and the children born to her will end up as slaves of Devavrata. Shantanu could not agree to this conditions and fell into deep sorrow.

Understanding his father’s predicament, Devavrata met Satyavathi and her father and to get the consent for the marriage he took a vow that he will never have the throne and will remain a Brahamachari ( will follow celibacy) life long. He also promised that his entire life will be dedicated to serve the throne of Kuru dynasty. Seeing that his daughter and her offspring will have the right to the throne Satyavathi’s father agreed for the marriage . For the sacrifice which Devavrata had given, he was named Bhishma ( he who took terrible oath) by Shantanu. Shantanu also blessed him with another wish that Bhishma can choose the manner and time of death and cannot be killed otherwise.

Although Bhishma stuck to his promises, Satyvathi started facing trouble in various forms. Her both sons , Chitranganda and Vichithraveerya, died at very young age. Vichithraveerya who was the heir to throne died without having any children with his wifes Ambika and Ambalika. Satyavathi had to persuade Bhishma from whom she had literally snatched the throne to have children with the widowed wifes . But retorted to her that he was stubborn to keep his vows. She had to then take the help of Saint Vedavyasa to get her grandsons to take the Kuru dynasty forward.

More troubles were in line for Satyavathi as her eldest grandson Dritharashtra was born blind and the younger grandson Pandu had to be crowned as the King. Pandu also died due to his own mistakes which led to Dritharashtra taking over as the King. This only paved for the great battle of Mahabharatha between the sons of Pandu ( Pandavas) and sons of Dritharashtra ( Kauravas) for the throne in which both sides lost heavily.

Even though Satyavathi and her father managed to get the throne safe for her neither she or her children were able to enjoy it. Mahabharata clearly gives the message that any achievement through wrong and materialistic means is short lived and it becomes the very reason for your downfall.The throne itself was the reason for the great battle and both sides lost their beloved sons, brothers ,Gurus and relatives.

Bhishma’s biggest concussion was that he had to witness the destruction of his own family and in the Mahabharata battle he had to lead the wrong side and could only bless the righteous side. Finally on the tenth day of the battle Bhishma fell to the arrows of Arjuna and was lied on the bed of arrows in the battle field of Kurukshethra. Bhishma advised Yudhushtira Vishnusahasra nama (Thousand names of Lord Vishnu) from his death bed.

By strictly following his vows and with his ardent devotion towards Lord Krishna , Bhishma remains one of the illustrious personality of the epic Mahabharata.

New Year @ Guruvayur


So this time I was fortunate to be at Guruvayur , the holy abode of Lord Krishna,  to welcome the new year.  For last few years I was able to visit Guruvayur once a year but this time it was special. Stayed for 2 nights and was fortunate to see the Lord 5 times ( with different Alankars ) and also got a chance to see the Atthazha Seeveli ( the night procession of the Lord seated on elephant). Guruvayur for me has been like a second home and every year I visit I learn more about the place, its history, architecture, ceremonies and so on.

As the Sabarimala season was going on , there was huge rush for darshan. The darshan on Jan 1st 2016 took us around 6 hrs. People had come from different parts of India and I even met a couple who has flown down from Malaysia to see Guruvayurappan. There is a saying “ If with full belief you take one single step towards the Lord Guruvayurappan, Lord will take 100 steps towards you“. You will believe it once you start visiting the Lord. Devotees wearing traditional dresses , Sabarimala Ayyappa devotees chanting Ayyappa names , some others chanting Vishnu sahasranaamam , Narayaneeyam etc , non stop dances, music going on in the stage adjacent to the main entrance , marriages happening parallely in the mandapam,  colourful shops, Mural paintings, elephants,  all put together a treat to eyes and ears.


The Atthazha Seevali was a fabulous view, with entire temple getting illuminated with lamps ( also known as Chuttuvilakku ) My wife also got a chance to lit the lamp during Chuttuvilakku. The Lord was seated on the elephant and accompanied by two other elephants and along with sounds of different musical instruments  encircled the chuttambalam.


One interesting thing I noticed this time was that devotees come and sleep near the Darshan Queue area at 9 PM in the night so that can get the early morning Darshan at 3 AM in the morning the next day. This is the first Darshan of the day and is called as ‘Nirmalya Darsanam’. This darshan will be for only few minutes and therefore only a few devetees can get this darshan. This darshan is considered very auspicious and it is believed that the Lord has the highest power in this period.  When you see these devotees sleeping on muddy area you just think that your devotion is not even a percentage of it.

 I also visited the Mamiyoor Shiva temple and Triprayar Sri Rama temple during my stay in Guruvayur.

There are lot of stories associated with the temple, its origin , its ceremonies,timings for different darshans,  devotees, elephants etc . I will post whatever I get to learn from my visit and the books that I am currently reading on. Wiki also provides a lot many information on the temple.

Wiki on Guruvayur

Happy New Year

And Word of the Year 2015 goes to “Intolerance”.

Don’t know whether we are tolerant against intolerance or tolerant towards intolerance or may be intolerant against tolerance…

Who cares, year goes on, life goes on…

Hope in 2016 we choose a Word which has better meaning and that unifies the country.

Happy new year to all…

TT’s Memes

This section is dedicated to my friend Twinkle Thankachan who has a real flair of playing with words. I have taken permission from him to copy his FB posting in my blog . From here on I will be posting some of my favorites TT’s memes.

About TT : He is good, but some times he is too good.

Jan 1 2016

Just because you are entering another year,don’t worry about an increase in your AGE,because you are entering a sweet 16. (2016)

Have a wonderful year

Dec 29 2015

SC upholds Kerala liquor ban…malaBAR region affected…trivandRUM too worried..

Dec 19 2015

Concentrate not on the MOBILE PHONE SIGNAL but on TRAFFIC SIGNAL while driving….

Remember that the seat belt is not for the seat but for the Driver..Wear it while driving

Nov 29 2015


Probably crores of money(currency) spent on drains in our cities are stopping the water…and flooding the roads,….this is what we call MONEY GONE DOWN THE DRAIN

Nov 28 2015

BBMP either should provide an ASSURANCE on COVERING up potholes or an INSURANCE COVER for accidents

Nov 22 2015

Dear BBMP,
some of them needn’t be BROAD
but atleast can be a ROAD….

i have seen that whenever it rains heavily,it’s not just the people on the road who are trying to find a way to go….even the rain water is struggling to find a way…

Today i understood the meaning of “so near yet so far” when i got stuck in the traffic signal right in front of my office for a long time while going to office…

Nov 16 2015

Good days—you will realise the existence of God
Bad days—will make you realise the existence of God

Nov 11 2015

Who said everything is FINE with traffic police..some of them take bribe too

Nov 6 2015

NDTV 24×7 :- panelists in a debate listen patiently and then talk like they have 24hrs

Times NOW :-same panelists talking simultaneously as if everybody has to talk NOW only

Nov 4 2015

I have written to all the food authorities in India,if they could help get rid of JAM on Bangalore roads,the traffic police have been unsuccessful..

When you help someone,you become their God…
Help others,they are your brothers.

why be a human when you can be a God

Nov 1 2015

Believe in yourself to start a work and then believe in God to finish it.

Oct 26 2015

Please remove all the humps on Bangalore roads,there are enough potholes…

Oct 19 2015

After elections,the people whom we vote for, become POWERFUL and we remain POWERLESS(more than 16hours now,power outage in certain parts of South Bangalore)

Sep 14 2015

It’s not a comedy of errors but a DJOCK of fed-ERRORS

June 4 2015

Maggi is the LEADing noodles brand…