Bajirao Mastani Review


A review of Bajirao Mastani

History when told through stories are always a delight to listen. But what makes it ever more merrier, when it is told with great visuals. With an outstanding cinematography, with every visuals resembling a painting , reverberating Music  (done by Bansali himself) , sparkling dialogue delivery , the movie leaves a mark in your heart and mind. Afterall its a Sanjay Leela Bansali movie.

Ravneer Singh may have acted in many movies before, but this will be the one for which he will be critically acclaimed. His matured but outspoken behavior and the  Marathi accent filled dialogues was a treat by itself.  If it was Chandramukhi versus Paro in Devdas, here it was Kashi vs Mastani. It was was a sheer pleasure to watch both Deepika and Priyanka, with crackling dialogues, exuberant dressings and  hypnotic dancing.   Deepika overpowering Ranveer and Priyanka with her acting skills sometimes. Not to take off any credit from these actors , Bansali knows how to bring best out of his actors.

Famous for his rapid tactical movements in battle ,Bajirao Ballal, is reputed never to have lost a battle.The movie depicts the glory of Bajirao and his love for Mastani. The movie reflects their courage and heroics for their passion and love for each other.Somewhere you will relish the scenes of the great Mughal-e-zam.

Its a must watch because Bajirao Mastani is going to be one of the greatest flick of  Indian cinema.