How Old Are You ? It Doesnt Matter…


Manju Warrier does a Sridevi in her come back movie How Old Are You ?  Manju Warries does a superb come back with her latest flick  with a matching and a deserving role. The theatre was houseful and you could see only happy faces when the show ended. This movie is a proof that good theme based movies are always respected  by the audience. You do not require so called new generation gimmicks or vulgar comedy to make a hit movie .  There is also no need to bring in Mogambos or hitlers as villains,  as our society itself  have them in plenty in different avatars. Roshan Andrews does no mistake in portraying the characters  and brining in those small small household humour. He dad done the same with his earlier movie Udayananu Tharam. The moral is do not underestimate the power of your wife. It doesn’t matter what her age is , she is always ready to take any challenge.

Well done Manju Warrier. Hope to get to see you more on the big screen.

My Rating 4/5.



Now Tyres are also Intelligent

Tyre puncture is that last thing you want to have when you are driving. Imagine tyres telling you ” Boss I am hit , do something quickly”. Yes that’s where the tyre technology is heading to. Was quite surprised to read about sensing enabled tyres.  Pirelli has come up with this concept. The link will give you more details – Intelligent Tyres.



Vishal Sikka says bye to SAP

Vishal Sikka has resigned from SAP. It was a quite a shock to so many of us who has been following him in the SAP world. The below slide  in the SCN Business Trend blog says it all that how valuable an asset he was to SAP and to the SCN world. Whatever he Vishal has touched , he has turned it into gold.


I first saw Vishal @ SAP Teched 2011 where he demonstrated the power of SAP HANA . His voice and his command over the technology was awesome. I got to hear him again in the last year Teched where again he unleased new technologies. You want to keep listening when some people talk and Vishal is one of them . He presents his idea through stories and pictures.

What do SAP do now ? Do they go on with aggressive HANA or they concentrate on Apps ? Would like to see what change SAP is going to bring. More than that will keep a close watch on what’s Vishal future endeavor is.

@ Vishal – Hats off to you sir and all good wishes for your future.

Losing My Religion – An Excellent Read.

Losing My Religion by Vishwas Mudagal is an excellent read. Its been long time that I have enjoyed an Indian writer so much. The last being the Shiva Trilogy. Vishwas , a Namma Bangaluru guy , debuts into the fiction world with this masterpiece. The characters are awesome and neatly presented.  The story starts from Bangalore, moves to Himalayas, then to OM beach in Gokarna, then to kumb mela and then finaly to US. I finished it in one single read when I was travelling from Mysore to Bangalore . The title is something which will make you guessing, but in this busy world, that is the stage  you want to enter at least for some time. The story has romance, egoism, friendship, entrepreneurship, humour, thoughts and some stricking lines.  The plot in the end could have been better. But anyway its a great read and I liked it very much

My Rating : 4/5