The Forgotten : David Baldacci

This was my first book of David Baldacci. Found nothing Interesting and only has a  minor suspense factor. The books somewhere resembles the movie The walking Tall by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). But the flow of the book is good and can be a one time fast read.

My Rating for the book is 2/5.


Sycamore Row : John Grisham

There was a time when I was done reading all the books of Sidney Sheldon and Jeffrey Archer and was looking forward to read some new authors.  That was the time I got to read John Grisham’s The Broker and really liked it  as it was comparable to the Sindney’s or the Jeffrey’s. But the other books of Grisham, King of all Torts and Playing for Pizza , where just  a normal  read.

In the  Sycamore Row , in the beginning the flow and suspense seems good but at it comes to middle the story becomes obvious. Overall this book is a good read but not up to the expectation.

My rating for this book is 2.5/5.


Notting Hill…

There are some movies , which you keep on watching no matter how many times they keep appearing on the TV. And indeed one of them is Notting Hill. Watched it today again on TV. What I like about this movie is the acting of Huge Grant and the smiles of Julia Roberts. Huge Grant provides a charming character in his role as  a book shopkeeper. He keeps his cool all the time and never shows even a tinge of anger whenever he faces a frustration. There are lot of Meet Cute scenes and every time it has an interesting end .The interesting things are the eccentric character of his roommate Spikes, the family dinner, Huge Grant getting into the role of journalist and a waiter in order to meet Anna Scott ( Julia Roberts ) who plays the role of an actress. The movie also focuses on how difficult an actress has to be lead keeping in mind the media and fans all the times. Its a must watch movie for those for whom romantic movies means everything.