The playground movie

Certain time feelings can be expressed only by writing. After a long time that feeling has returned back and here I am sitting in front of the system reopening my old blog trying to make use of these feeling.

I always been a movie lover and certain movies has inspired me a lot. Today I got the chance to watch the tamil movie Aadukalam ( Which means Playground ) . Watched it for few minutes and then I decided that I have to watch this movie till the end. I never had much regards to Dhanush even after the Kolaveri bash. The acting of Dhanush in this movie has been superb , but the credit fully goes to the director Vetrimaran. He has used Dhanush very well and has tried to bring the best out of Dhanush. The success of the movie lies in how the director brings about the best in an actor. Another good example of this is Silambarasan in VTV.Movie becomes a faliure when the story is moulded to fit the actor rather than the actor being moulded according to the story.  The character in this movie was a perfect fit for Dhanush. The dance , songs, attitude and characters was so perfeclty managed that you will realy love this movies. There are some movies wherein you can never think of replacing the actor or the actresses in that particular movie for eg, Kajol and Sharukh in DDLJ, Aamir Khan, Saif & Akshay khanna  in Dil chahtha Hai, Aamir and Salman Khan combination in Andaz Apna Apna, Amithab and Dharmendar combination in Sholay  and so many.

There has always been a debate on the piracy in the movie industry. My verdit to this is ” Stop producing bad boring movies and things will fall in to place ” . Couple of weeks back , on valentines day,  myself and my wife went for Ek main aur ek thu. And literaly speaking there was only me and my wife in the entire theatre. The film had nothing to provide and if people have to pay 500 bucks to watch these kind of movies piracy will grow.