The Banyan Tree…

The Banayn Tree




 Raghu, my colleague, was found going to each cubicle in the office discussing some thing seriously. Finally he reached my cubicle and announced “the banyan tree near my house has fallen” . I just turned back to him and gave a “yyaaa” look , but not much concerned . He looked sad and he continued “you know that this tree was 200 years old .He went on saying few more things but I dint take it very seriously. In every day or the other you can see this kind of news in the paper, tree fell uprooted due to heavy wind & rain, BBMP people cut big banyan trees to make way for road etc. It never made me think or anything to feel about this kind of news. But still I maintained a serious look as if I was gravely hurt by this news.

In next few minutes some of my other colleagues who were familiar with this particular  tree started narrating their relation with this tree.  One of them gave a sigh. “Ohh is it? I have seen this tree since my childhood and very recently only we  sat under that tree with my kids”.  As the narration of all went on I just felt how mean I was . For hundreds of years this tree was providing shelter for so many people and for them this tree has been a symbol of support, shelter and unity.

The another thing that adds up to the glory of this tree is that , it has falled down at midnight when nobody is underneath it , not creating any kind of havoc  . Some of the words of Raghu really touched my heart like I used to play with tree, talk to it, climb the branches of the trees, and hang from the lower branches. It was a part of not only his but many people’s childhood and was support to many.  May be these are the feelings one should have so that there is kindness in our heart and we bring happiness to all. I remember one of Galileo’s quote “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself” and that’s what Raghu did for me and may be for many of us that day.