The Newspaper Boy

The Newspaper boy

To get held up in traffic signal is a tiring thing and it is even more tiring when it in the peak hours of  Bangalore traffice. It was a Friday evening and traffic was bit more than the usual once .   I was held up at the corporation circle traffic signal and was queuing some 300 meters away from the signal. I could hear from the adjacent car Radio warning of slow moving traffic in this area. As usual there were lots of frustrated faces of travelers, newspaper boys hurling around, begging street urchins, hawkers trying to sell different things. But one of the newspaper boy caught my attention. This boy had one single newspaper in his hand was moving to and fro in between the vehicles selling the paper. It seems he had finished selling all the rest of the papers and was now left with a single one. During my wait this fellow moved nearly 4 to 5 times to and fro trying to sell this ultimate paper but without finding any success.  And noticable thing was that during all this time there was no sign of any frustration or any kind of drowsiness in his face. He was freely roaming from one vehicle to another crying out the headline in kannada.

 This made me to think a little bit of my job. There are many occasions when I was about to finish my job and out of lax I will postpone the remaining job to the next day.  But this guy cannot afford to do it as the life of that newspaper is a single day. Tomorrow it will be an old paper and will not carry the same value. May be the profit from the single paper is negligible  but he needs to count on it to maintain his bottom line.

 It was now 20 mins past and I was nearing to the signal lights. When it was green at last I looked back for this boy and  still the he was cyring out to sell his last paper.Then suddenly it just came into my thoughts I could have spelled a penny from my pocket and could have bought that paper. But I never once occurred to me to do so and bring an end to his day’s job. This boy or may be many others do these kind of efforts day in day out. We complain when we have to give an extra effort. But they have that tireless commitment and never have ‘enough for the day ‘attitude.   May be who knows these kids become successful entrepreneur in the future and have people like me working under them. Neways thumbs up to these guys and their efforts. This incident showed what commitment is and what effort really means.