Darkest Hours : Movie with a Grit


If you have watched the Christopher Nolan movie “Dunkirk”  and you were still wondering what is this fuss all about, may be when you watch “Darkest Hours” it will start making sense. The Dunkirk evacuation, code-named Operation Dynamo, and also known as the Miracle of Dunkirk, was the evacuation of Allied soldiers during World War II from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, in the north of France, between 26 May and 4 June 1940. This evacuation was critical for Winston Churchill ,who was the then Prime Minister of United Kingdom , as without these soldiers it would have been impossible for him to hold against the German force.  This movie brings up on the political side of Dunkirk.

When I watched this movie I felt like I was watching Winston Churchill onscreen. The greatest orator that he was , the movie is filled with his inspirational speeches.  You defy the statement when one of his minister says  “Wars cannot be won by speeches”. Winston Churchill is  considered one of the defining figures of the 20th century and this movie is thrilling, somber, introspective,  gregarious  and reflects Churchill’s demeanor in brilliant fashion.

A must watch.


Lucknow Central : A musical prison break


The only reason I chose to watch this movie was for the soothing and soulful song of Amit Mishra “Meer-e- Karwaan”. The song was running  in a loop in my laptop for almost a week. Lucknow Central has its flaws but when the movie keeps you engaged with its music, rib tickling comedy and punch dialogues you hardly notice those flaws. Farhan Akthar carries the movie on his shoulders along with his other jail inmate gives a superb performance. Ravi Kissan with ludicrous acting  and Ronit Roy as the strict Jailor adds spice to the movie.

Overall this is a must watch and laughs are guaranteed.

PS (Taken from DNA) : The movie is based on true story of a band formed by the inmates of Lucknow Central jail. The band named ‘Healing Hearts’ was formed in the Adarsh Jail wing of Lucknow Central jail. Consisting of 12 men who are sentenced to life imprisonment, the band plays hit Bollywood numbers at various private functions including weddings and baraats. The band was the brainchild of VK Jain, the senior superintendent of Lucknow Central Jail, as a part of qaidi reforms in 2007. Just like the film, a contest was held in the jail for which funds were released.With the arrangement of fifteen instruments, few volunteers came forward for the initiative. An inmate who hailed from a musically inclined family provided leadership due to which the band won the contest. The win further opened doors to opportunities for the band to perform at private parties.


You will be missed…


B Panduranga Bhakth ( 24/12/1940 – 11/09/2017)

This is the first time I am trying to write an eulogy. B Panduranga Bhaktha(Age 77)  , my beloved Manthu, a person whom I respected the most, who was always  there in my good time and tough times, who had a solution for any issues that I came up with, left for the heavenly abode on 11/09/2017. It was a sad day.

During my recent visit to kanhangad there was this precious moment,  when he blessed my 6 month old son by keeping him in his lap. A moment I will cherish throughout my life. The wisdom and the clarity that he had in the religious matters was enormous.His absence leaves a void that can never be filled.May his divine soul rest in peace.

Dunkirk – A Non Linear Experience

If you are yet to watch this movie, then probably you should read this piece so that you can appreciate this grandeur. The movie has a  non linear narrative. You dint get it right? Its tricky but once you understand it, its an awesome experience.The story takes place in three different place, one beginning on land ( moles) that covers incident happening for one week, one on the sea that covers one day, and one in the air covering one hour. And in the climax when all meets together its just even better. Especially the scene below.


It is debatable whether  Dunkirk is Nolan’s the  best movie when compared to his earlier flicks but this movie will remain one of the best war movies of all time. Go watch it.

Movie List of 2017


Hall of Fame

  1. Jolly LLB – 2
  2. Naam Shabana
  3. The Ghazi Attack
  4. Lucknow CentralMy Review
  5. Bareily ki Barfi – Loved Kriti and Ayushman

Time Pass

  1. Raees
  2. Kaabil
  3. Badrinath ki Dulhaniya
  4. Sarkar 3
  5. Toilet Ek Prem Katha – A good story getting lost…
  6. Jab Hari Met Sejal
  7. Poster Boys


  1. Meri Pyari Bindu
  2. Half Girlfriend
  3. Raabta
  4. Baadshaho


Hall of Fame

  1. Angamaly Diaries – My Review
  2. Take Off
  3. Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum 

Time Pass

  1. Fukri
  2. Mundirivallikal Thalirkumbol
  3. Joemonte Suvisheshangal
  4. Honey Bee – 2
  5. Godha
  6. Rakshadhikari Baiju oppu
  7. Sunday Holiday
  8. Varnyathil Aashanka


  1. 1971 – Cant bear the acting
  2.  Oru Mexican Aparatha – Very poor direction
  3. Sakhavu
  4. CIA
  5. Ramante Edenthottam
  6. Lakshyam
  7. Aavarude Raavukal
  8. Velipadinte Pusthakam


Hall of Fame

  1. Kavan
  2. Kuttram 23
  3. Maanagaram
  4. Maragadha Naanayam
  5. VikramVedha
  6. Taramani
  7. Meyaadha Maan


  1. Katru Veliyadai
  2. Bairavaa
  3. VIP2


Must Watch

  1. Eye in the Sky (2015)- 8/10A political situation during a drone attack. A must watch
  2. Secretariat (2010) -8/10 – One of the best movies on horse racing.
  3. Pork Pie (2017) – 6/10 -New Zealand  movie about escapades of a trio of accidental outlaws
  4. Seven (1995)-6/10 – Rare combination of Morgan Freeman/ Brad Pitt. Murder mystery.
  5. Heat (1995)- 6/10- One of the best Heist movies. Rare combination of Robert De Niro and Val Kilmer.
  6. Ichi (2008) – 7/10 . Japanese movie. A blind woman with skill for Sword.
  7. Dunkirk (2017) – One of the best of 2017
  8. Down by Law (1986) – 8/10. A must watch movie.
  9. Memories of a Murder (2013) – 6/10 – Korean crime thriller.
  10. The Great Wall (2016)
  11. Wind River (2017) – One of the best movies of 2017
  12. Jaesim (2017) – Korean Movie – Based on a true incident

Time Pass

  1. Drone (2017) – 4/10 – Watchable.
  2. Unforgiven(1992)-4/10- Nothing compared to Clint in The good,bad and Ugly
  3. Goodwill Hunting (1997) -4/10- Matt Damon / Robin Williams / Ben Affleck.
  4. Going in Style (2017) – 6/10 – A good Heist movie done by oldies.
  5. The Mummy (2017) – 6/10
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) – 6/10
  7. The Hateful Eight (2015) – 6/10 Cowboy movies.
  8. HHhH (2017) -5/10  Nazi Movie.
  9. 6 Days (2016)


  1. Good Fellas (1990) -4/10- Crime movie.
  2. Security (2017) – 4/10 – You can better watch Mall Cop.
  3. Pilgrimage(2017) – 4/10 – Irish monks embark on a  pilgrimage to escort holiest relic to Rome
  4. The Hatton Garden Job(2017) – 3/10 – Heist movie completely gone wrong.

Baahubali 2- Is a winner


It is for sure that the movie couldn’t had any other name better  than ” Baahubali” because  your adrenaline is sure to raise each time the name is called on. And when Prabhas presents the character in a grand demeanor  you just cant stop applauding. Each frame is a class and you might easily forgive that the primal question, to why Kattappa killed Baahubali,  had an unconvincing answer . For the first time I saw a Telugu movie been watched by people from across the country. The guy who was sitting next to me a was a Bengali.

Was surprised to see opening scene song sung by Daler Mehendi. M.M. Kreem make sure that the background music blends with the storyline. With his alchemic touch SS Rajamouli  perhaps will  now fall into the league of  Alejandro Inarrite or a James Cameron . It is difficult to convey the feelings or the experience into words but this will be a movie that will remain in the list of best movie ever made. If Baahubali: The Beginning was a sumptuous appetizer this will be a  main course with a scrumptious dessert.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…


What an election it has been ? Month “March” which gets its name after the Roman god “Mars” , the god of war , had its complete presence in India in the form of elections . An election which was not less than a war saw some of the most action packed campaigning, melodramas and aggressive barbs.  And when the result came out  BJP had won the election diminishing their opponents well beyond the mark.With a monumental majority in UP and Uttarakhand , Modi echoed a strong statement again and again, in a pure bollywood term,  ek ke baad ek hit .BJP also has to be credited in the way they went up addressing the states like Goa and Manipur were they did not had a clear mandate. Even before congress could think of a stratergy, BJP had its mathematics done and had its government sworn in.

It will be too early to say that  the decision to  anoint Yogi Adityanada  as UP CM is a political shrewd one. But when you have a  brute majority of 312 MLAs, the BJP is well within its right to pick any leader it wants to lead one of the largest states in the country. Akhilesh Yadav , even though boasted about giving laptops to students, did forget that UP is still a state hit by superstitions,  illiteracy and under development.If the current elected government even does an attempt to work on these issues, UP can change dramatically. Modi will have to personally follow this up as the people of UP has voted for him rather than for his party.

The biggest challenge India will face going forward is to have a strong opposition to Modi. A good  democracy  necessitates to have a strong and healthy opposition . As the saying goes ”  Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely ” . If you notice this election very closely it was a vote against the incumbent government.  Goa’s election result was z classic example were in six ministers including the CM of BJP lost in the election but still BJP went on to form the new government. You cannot blame BJP for this. It is pity that the grand old party of India still holds on to the first family and expects miracles. Its time that the leadership is changed and new Regional faces are given fair chances to build up a strong opposition. Otherwise the country will end up in fighting Government vs Judiciary as we now see it happening in America.